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Leah - Diablo 3 Cinematics

Diablo 3 cinematics was an epic journey for me, personally and professionally. The development was started almost when I started working at Blizzard. I had modeled, textured, look-deved for the project, and also became the supervisor for the character team during the time. We have used all sorts of softwares, tools for the character creation: max, maya, brazil, renderman... and also experienced the transition from polygon modeling to 3D sculpting.
Leah was a big challenge simply because we had so many uber-close-up shots, of cause also young and cute female face is always the hardest thing to make in CG. On top of all these difficulties, we were transitioning from max/brazil to maya/rman. Looking back now, I can't even imagine how we did it with learning everything new while deep in production! But I'm proud that we pulled it off!

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Xin wang xin leah frame 03
Xin xanadu wang xin leah frame 01
Xin xanadu wang xin leah frame 02