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About xin

I was born in Hangzhou, China. After 4 years of studying art, design and architecture in China Academy of Art, I went to teach at Zhejiang Silk Textile Institute. Under the passion of movie making, especially those zombie/creature movies, I decided to study animation & VFX at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, US. I have been working at Blizzard Film Department, now Blizzard Animation since then, as the Cinematic Character Supervisor, lead a team of world-class artists to create CG characters and creatures for the in-game-movies.

Specialize in hyper-realistic CG character & creature, I extremely fascinate by human-animal hybrid creature, and also of course, all time favorite – zombie. I commit myself to be part of “New China 2.0” – for bettering creativity with Chinese culture.

Find me in LinkedIn for more details about my resume. 中国的朋友在新浪微博联系我。

xin's Favorite:

Dead Alive (1992)

Dead Man (1995)

Star Wars (1997)

The Brothers Quay


Explosions In The Sky

God Is An Astronaut

Josef Koudelka

Henri Cartier-Bresson